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"In the worst case scenario, it'll be a double suicide."


Shes beauty, shes grace, shes miss united states 


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wish-granting-zoldyck inquired: "Super hugs!"



"You’re back! I’m glad…"

He promptly wraps his arms around his little sister, humming rather cheerfully.

"How’re you doing tonight?"



"Heeee.~ A hug and kiss would be nice!"

He could humor that request. A kiss is placed right on Alluka’s forehead as he cradles her closely, humming quietly to himself.

"Is that good?"


" Yes, Leo is possibly named Leorio in your mind. ” After a moment, a strange burst of laughter came from her.


A dress? Leo doesn’t wear a dress, Killua. She wears a lady suit with pants. ” Not very far off from Leorio’s clothing, just more feminine is all. Shaking her head lightly, she continued.

Old man-like? Well, my Killua usually says that Leo’s an old hag. So I guess that counts for something, right? ” Kurapika really was virtually the same, gender notwithstanding.

Nothing new here, really.

…That sounded eerily familiar. Yep. Exactly what Killua himself would call Bisky or other women who were old and outdated. 

Probably what he would call Leorio if Leorio was in fact a woman. …In his world, anyway.

"Well that sure rings a bell… Guess not much is different after all. …Color me surprised?" In a good way. A very good way. God forbid the gender-altered selves act in stereotypical fashions. He’d seen some things similar before.. Though not of anyone he knew from ‘his’ world. Just from other worlds.

It was annoying to say the least.

"I’m just a little bit glad. I’d be pissed off if things were vastly different just because of something like this…"

lkalgo inquired: "You're warm" ~



…Killua blinks at his friend and, quite honestly, feels a bit weird over it. His cheeks tint a light shade of pink.

"…Don’t be so weird, Ikalgo."


It was when the air around him felt a little cooler that he knew Killua had spaced himself. He could understand that….it wasn’t exactly a comfortable distance before….so he didn’t much mind it. 


He rubs his tentacles together to warm them before bringing them to cross over his chest. “….mmh….I think I’ll be okay until we get there…you sure you’re okay, though?”

"…I’m just fine." Awkward feeling, sure. But… Disregarding that and the subtle sensation of Ikalgo having been a bit too close, he was fine. 

…But Ikalgo was still cold, obviously. Judging by how he hugged his own body soon after Killua had moved away from him.

Killua rubbed the back of his head and, sighing, took off his top shirt. Under it was a black turtleneck. He pushed the shirt to Ikalgo.

"Here… Wear this for a while. I don’t know if it’ll do you much good, but go ahead and take it."



Oh the malicious killing intent radiating off the boy. It was nowhere near as bad as Meruem during a little fit, nor Ging’s when the man had taken enough crap, but still enough to send a shiver down the man’s spine.

Though whether that shiver was of fright or a pure thrill was still to be determined.

Pariston tossed his hands up shoulder-height in mock surrender and took two steps back. He had no intention of leaving the other alone, however. That much was for sure.


"Now now, no need for theatrics. Ging’s son is just as much my business as anyone else’s. Perhaps you’d like to pick a topic and then I’ll pick one after? Doesn’t that sound fair, little Killua?"

Unfortunately, Killua’s not interested in the slightest. His killing aura is practically pouring away from him. 

Evidently, Pariston wasn’t going to be leaving him alone any time soon and he was making himself a real threat to Killua. A threat that he didn’t particularly care to deal with.

Oh, but there’ll be repercussions if I kill him. Even everyone in the association hates his guts, it’ll still fall on me if I kill him.

So maybe he’ll just mangle Pariston. Rip off a couple limbs… Leave him alive, at least. Alive, but crippled for the rest of his life.

"I’m giving you three seconds. Back off now, or your right arm goes first."

Me and my roomie were having a conversation while doing the dishes..
Me: But imagine an AU where Pitou's not a Chimera Ant
Me: Imagine a High School AU where she's 100% human and is one of those frickin weeaboos who makes 'nya' sounds and cat puns everywhere
Him: She's not a Weeaboo, Case, she's just catkin and believes she's a neko. Which does in fact make her a weeaboo actually.

"…I shouldn’t be nearly as surprised about the two Kurapika’s being together as I am…"


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I am always wanting to write Rated R material threads but I’m never sure of who would be comfortable doing so. Can roleplayers please reblog this post if you are fully comfortable writing mature subjects in your threads? { Blood, Gore, Rape, Murder, Alcohol and drug use, Hack&Slash etc. } I’d like to find out by this post who IS comfortable with these types of roleplays rather than making someone uncomfortable just by asking. Thank you!


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I think Killua’s probably ISTP. 

I lean strongly towards him being ISTP because of a few key points.

  • Introverted is almost a given. He inwardly expresses himself rather than outwardly. Killua is constantly thinking over a problem or another, mentally chewing it up before spitting out an answer to follow. Extroverts tend to act immediately rather than speculate. 
  • Sensing versus intuitive is a little more difficult to pinpoint in Killua, as he had traits that stem from both.

Intuitive people notably think about the implications something can have in their future. They tend to be capable of coming up with new and unusual ways of doing things. They can also perceive underlying implications to something being said to them, and overall can usually see the big picture of things.

The first two don’t seem primarily like things that he does. Killua hasn’t ever been fond of focusing on implications for something that might happen in the distant future, except for the occasion where he became hyperaware that Gon may have very well sacrificed his life and the impact that might have. 

Killua has also usually been the sort to stick to a pre-formed idea, or sticking to what would logically follow in an order of events. IE; the times where Gon thinks of something completely off the top and it’s something Killua would’ve NEVER come up with on his own. 

Conversely, Killua does tend to see the underlying implications behind people’s words. Due to this, he tends to be suspicious of people’s motives. 

Killua also demonstrated the ability to see the big picture when talking to Gon about the current state of affairs in the world, linked to corruption, a global war for power.. ect… 

  • For the sensing portion, though…

People who are primarily sensing tend to NOTICE things immediately and instinctively. For example, in a conversation where someone is contradicting themselves, they will immediately notice this. People who are prone to sensing tend to focus on the ‘here and now’ world, rather than the ‘distant and possible’. Sensing individuals also tend to follow steps in a plan rather than consider something bizarre and unusual as an answer. (IE, what Gon would tend to do.)

In other words, sensing people tend to be more realistic and note what is physically there and physically possible. Intuitive people tend to be more abstract, creating theories and ideas from less concrete sources. (Such as when Gon formulates the idea “If you can’t find an obvious exit, create your own” to smash a hole in the wall to escape the Ryodan, just from a quote done by Zepile.)

  • Feeling; The division between acting on feeling and acting on logic. Killua tends to strongly lean towards acting on logic, even if he DOES feel very strongly towards a matter. Thinking vs. feeling can also be denoted by being unable to express your feelings or feeling extremely uncomfortable in doing so… Or just a general preference for keeping one’s emotions to themselves. As we all know, Killua’s never… Really shown his true emotions outwardly, except when he was finally broken and burst as a result.
  • Finally, for perceiving… Killua also has the tendency to keep his scheduling flexible and open. He doesn’t like to commit to much of anything, noted by a few of his quotes. “I’m a pretty spontaneous guy. I’ll figure it out when I get there.” and “When it comes to things I don’t want to do, I have a whole list… But when it comes to things I want to do, I don’t have a single one.” He tends to figure things out as they come to him. This is a trait that leans specifically towards Sensing over Judging. 

Judging individuals have the tendency to stick to strictly formulated plans and put an end to issue whenever possible. God knows if Killua did that, he wouldn’t have nearly as many problems. 

So, in my general idea… Killua’s likely ISTP.

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AU of Alice Human Sacrifice. The main four being the Alices.