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Tracking Fickletransmuter

16||Blacklist Hunter||Taken

"In the worst case scenario, it'll be a double suicide."

"If Kurapika and Illumi go out, I’m going to really lose it…"




"I’ll pack what I can!" She smiled and skipped off to go get her things. "Eee! I’m so excited!"

"I’m glad… Just let me know when you’re ready, alright? I’m going to see what Gon thinks about the whole thing, too. Either way, you and I are definitely going to explore for a while."

Whether Gon comes or not. I’ve neglected you for too long, haven’t I?

Difference of Killua’s face between then and now




"Anywhere is fine. as longs as there’s adventure and fun!"  

"Then we’ll be making stops in every city along the way. Think you could pack up the things you have? I haven’t packed them up for you yet. After you’re ready, I guess we can probably go…"




"Ooo! Sounds like fun! All the places we can go!"

"Yeah! So, do you want to go anywhere in particular? We’re going a long way, so we’ll want to make stops on the way there."



She went on eating, shrugging. Not like she had really anything in mind. Because first, she was terrible at thinking of what to do, which was also the reason she was bored most of the time, and second, she was honestly surprised they actually ended up eating chocolate together.


"I don’t know. I’m not especially good at pestering people," she smirked, "Is there something you'd like to do today?”

"Besides go home and be pestered by Gon for the rest of the day about how it’s ‘my day’, I kind of just want to spend my day away from everyone."

Honestly I don’t want to deal with people bothering me today. Today’s nothing special… It’s just another day as far as I’m concerned.

Though it seemed as if most people didn’t generally share his idea of it being an ordinary day.  Everyone liked to blow it way out of proportion. 

"…So I guess I’ll probably go on my way and pretend I don’t exist for a day. Being fawned over for another day of the year is kind of stupid."


My writing style is changing, hmm…

"Alluka… We’re going to take a train somewhere far away from here. What do you think? Doesn’t it sound like an adventure~?"

fickletransmuter inquired: (///д///)



He was too distracted to prevent that stranger from falling on top of him. 


"Get off me!, you id

But then again this stranger didn’t happen to be one, not exactly.



He was only mid-serious when he asked, but they way his alternate’s face changed into a troubled expression made him feel uneasy.  It was serious, it seemed. Killua knew what that gesture meant to him, even if it was so faint it was barely noticeable.

But he understood; he did it from before. Having the other tell him the slightest thing could potentially fuck up the course of events. Maybe it was better like this. He had escaped from the future that his family had planned for him, so having a script with all his next steps wouldn’t be that much better. He abstained from asking about Gon or Kurapika or the old man and shrugged. “Yeah, yeah, I get it.”


"It’ll be less boring this way." He concluded, a half-hearted ‘confident’ smile on his lips. Because the bad feeling wouldn’t leave his chest, after all.

Less boring… Sounded a bit like a cover up if he’d ever heard one. Really, if he’d been given the same sort of information, he would be beyond curious and anxious about what was to come.

…When he got to that point, how broken would he be? And would he ‘blame’ him for not saying anything about what was going to happen? …At the very least, what he assumed was going to happen? 

"You say that now…"

And you’re still needled. I can’t even tell you to remove that, despite everything… Can I? Would it ruin the series of events that leads up to what it does? In the end, it all works out for the better… Even if…

"I’m honestly itching to tell you at least one detail, but I’d better not. So… I should head off before I slip up and let that one go."

I just hate seeing you off knowing you’re still a puppet attached to the strings.

"We’re here for a change.  …If you want an explanation for our absence, I could give you one. If you don’t care, though, I won’t bother… Just know we’re finally here for a change."

What if when Killua went to save Gon the wish DID backfire? 

Only, what if when the wish backfired and the chain of death that ended up as a result was literally only limited to Killua and Alluka.

Because killing Alluka would be killing Nanika - but also insinuating that the one Killua loves most is no longer Gon. 

Very intensely into knitting tonight…

I’ll write later.

Gon and Alluka, I’ll save them.