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Tracking Fickletransmuter

16||Blacklist Hunter||Taken

"In the worst case scenario, it'll be a double suicide."

scarlet-glowing-eyes inquired: ツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツ a lot. Hi it's been forever~


"That’s an understatement. Hi, Kurapika-mundane."

lkalgo inquired: //sits on you //places url on your head

My Squidderific friend is curious huh?

motherxfigure inquired: *slides in url* Only an hour and a half late like usual.

I stopped being serious halfway through so

motherxfigure inquired: ツ

I swear to god I’m going to eat you all. I feel a little flustered.

itslikethesun inquired: I would send you the symbol, but I'm on mobile. But yes, I love the way you portray your muse. You take it seriously, but also love it at the same time. You are incredible!


Who wouldn’t love RPing a snarky lil’ shit. 

It’s fun and entertaining for all parties involved.

spicychocorobos inquired: ツ

I’ll eat you, Spicy Chocorobo.

stealyoheart inquired: ツ (senpai ;o;)

..E-ehh? S-Senpai?  What’re you talking about? q////q;;;

saphir-renarde inquired: ツツツツツツ

What the fuck you’re the last person I’d expect this from xoxo

coccinumoculi inquired: ツ


I’m such an ass. why would you consider me good at anything.

lkalgo inquired: ツツツツツツツツツ


the-eldest-zoldyck inquired: ツ


kusariyarou inquired: ツ

But I—

maestroofmuses inquired: ツ


Send me a ツ if you like the way I portray my muse
rebelliouszoldyck inquired: *slides in url*