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"this is my favorite character i love him so much i want to see him distressed and in emotional pain (⊙ω⊙✿)”

*character undergoes distress and emotional pain* nO I TAKE IT BACK BABY PLEASE fickletransmuter
wheresthethirdwheel asked: [Pitou] The smell of fish draws the attention of a certain feline Ant. She peeks around the corner to watch! |wo



"…Hey there, Pitou." He promptly holds up some of the sushi, at the ends of a set of chopsticks. "Want some~?"


"Yup! Maybe lunch or something. I’m usually awake long before noon and I hate having to scrounge up something in the middle of the day." Leftovers from the previous night never tasted quite as good as something fresh.


"I’ll meet you somewhere in the city, then. It shouldn’t be too hard for us to find each other~!" Little did she know, however, of Killua cunning plan. To be so utterly humiliated by her own fearsome claws! What cruelty this boy had in store!

"Sounds like a plan. I’ll be around!" …And anyone who saw Pitou? Maybe they’d just think she was in an elaborate cat-girl cosplay. Hopefully nobody tried to mess around because of that. 

"See you!"

…So with his elaborate little, rather innocent, scheme in mind, he turns tail and heads off. Tomorrow would be fun. quotelounge


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The 3rd gif in your folder is your muse’s reaction to meeting their future husband/wife for the first time



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wheresthethirdwheel asked: [Pitou] The smell of fish draws the attention of a certain feline Ant. She peeks around the corner to watch! |wo



"…Hey there, Pitou." He promptly holds up some of the sushi, at the ends of a set of chopsticks. "Want some~?"


Good! Compromise. She could handle this. She was sure her first attempt would be very badly, but there was nothing stopping her from wolfing down the ramen when that attempt was over.


"Deal, then! I’ll look forward to it!"

Killua would get that show he wanted.

Perfect. Just as he’d planned. It had all gone perfectly and now… Now he’d have the fun of seeing Pitou attempt and fail miserably to do something mundane. 

He got a little too much joy out of that. Maybe it was the allure of knowing a super powerful creature couldn’t match him at something simple. 

"In that case, I’ll see you tomorrow or something. We can go tomorrow and do this. Sound good?" fickletransmuter
wheresthethirdwheel asked: [Pitou] The smell of fish draws the attention of a certain feline Ant. She peeks around the corner to watch! |wo



"…Hey there, Pitou." He promptly holds up some of the sushi, at the ends of a set of chopsticks. "Want some~?"


It wasn’t as if she was going to fight the chopsticks. Challenges normally only excited Pitou when it was through combat. There was nothing fun about being delayed a meal on account of her inability to properly weird the sticks. She didn’t need to try. She knew immediately it wasn’t going to work.


Her lower lip protruded slightly, more in some odd form of contemplation. “If I can’t do it will I still get to eat?”


If he said no, she would undoubtedly decline his offer entirely. So, to be fair, he would give in this time. He’d still get a chance to see her squirm a bit if she wasn’t able to hold them properly. 

"Fiiine… Have it your way. But you’d better make a good attempt first. No scarfing it down immediately." But she probably would. He already expected it.

"It seems like it’d be more difficult to try and just eat it straight from the bowl, anyway. Since there’s usually chunks of meat, egg… Noodles… Trying to slurp it all down seems counterproductive…"

Would it be easier for an Ant who had a primarily human appearance? He honestly didn’t know. mistakcns

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"I’ve never seen your brother in battle, but I have met him."


"A man with cards?" Hisoka, right? A pity. She got along with Hisoka fairly well. If push came to shove she’d have to kill him too, probably. Alluka’s safety far outweighed the distress at killing people she may eventually call ‘friend.’ "I think I’ve met him too."

From first glance Pitou didn’t think either of them alone would prove a challenge. She remembered her brief encounter with Illumi bringing about a mention of his needles, none of which could effectively pierce her exoskeleton. From what she could sense of his aura, he was nowhere near the level of any of the guards.

Hisoka was similar, but his aura was more deeply vicious. His cards were likely his main weapons, but she hadn’t seen him use them yet. If they were anything like Illumi’s needles, they would have a hard time hurting her… but it was far too early to many any assumptions on strength. All she could do at the moment was remain wary of potential enemies. She would need to be ready to protect Alluka!

"As long as they don’t work together killing either of them should be easy. If I see them approaching I’ll need to strike first. If they try to attack me as a team it might present a challenge, but I also have Shaiapouf to help."

Perhaps with some convincing she could convince Youpi too… 

She seemed pretty confident in her abilities to take them both out, so long as they didn’t work together. In itself, that was… Actually amazing. Amazing because it would take years of endless training for him to get even close to matching Illumi’s strength. It proved that the gap between himself and Pitou was even more vast. 

"Chances are, they would work together. However…. I don’t trust Pouf to take care of my sister."

Not after his original display of wanting to kill Komugi. No, it would be no different this time around he supposed. If Pouf attempted to kill Alluka in the same way he attempted against Komugi’s life… It would cause problems all around and put Alluka in great danger. It was a risk that Killua wanted to avoid at all costs.

"He tried to kill that blind girl before. was the one who kept him from doing it. I don’t trust him to not do the same thing to Alluka while you’re busy fighting off my brother and any of his cohorts.” 

His trust in Pitou, however? It stemmed from the fact that she seemed to be completely capable of understanding emotions and could love another. Pouf on the other hand was the exact opposite, unable to love anyone except his King. The guy had some serious issues he needed to work out. 

"If you need to draft someone into battle, bring Youpi." Because, god forbid Alluka be killed. If she was killed, he would… Throw his life away trying to avenge her. 


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"Ya know, I’ve seen a lot of weird things, but I don’t think humans are supposed to be here…" Here being Skyworld as in not on earth where they belong. Souls didn’t travel through here to his knowledge. So probably not a spirit. "Hey there, are you lost?" 

It was… EXTREMELY questionable as to how the hell he got here in the first place. And it was even more questionable because there was a boy with wings right in front of him. Someone who looked vaguely like the idealized image of an angel, basically. But he didn’t buy that to begin with and he was a bit too confused to be jumping to any conclusions. 

"Human… Not supposed to be here? Then what are you and where am I?” In other words, yes, he’s lost. stxrmmxge


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Was it possible for Killua to be this cute? He’d brightened her mood just earlier and now this adorable display of bashfulness was making her heart melt. The smile that blossomed on her features could light up a room. You’re so damn cute, was what she wanted to say, but she felt if she pushed it too much, she might get punched or something.


Giggling a little, she nodded energetically at his reply. “Yea…we do.” Funny how she wished for him to be more endearing once and now here it was. On top of that, he finally answered the question that had always lingered in the back of her head. “I’ll do my best and you do your best too…I’ll support you too, because that’s what friends are for right?”“ 

Now both arms end up raised above his head in a stretch, only to promptly both land positioned behind his head. His cheeks were red, but he was trying to simply just ignore it. He was abashed as always by little things like this that made me feel inwardly vulnerable.

"I’m… Glad then." And if those words were escaping his lips now, it meant he trusted her enough to let her in just a little bit. Even if it was, in fact, just a small thing like a glance at how he was deeper down in the softer part of him.

"Yeah, I’m just a little bit happier now. It’s been a while since I had someone I could trust in beyond just being acquaintances." aseaofquotes

Stephen King, The Dark Tower
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Stephen King, The Dark Tower

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